Swimming Pool
The pool here is so beautiful with Pool side Loungers and much more located at The POOL DECK alongwith shower rooms. You can Swim in Rani Jodhabai’s Swimming Pool and just relax at the pool side. This pool is located just behind the cottages.

The Dance Floor
The Disco Theque is fully equipped with high voltage sound system and special effect lightings alongwith florescent fast colors posters and digital music player with high quality mixers (discotheque).

The Game Zone
Chouki Dhani is Game Zone is fully equipped with Video Games, Air Hockey, Pick your Luck game and many more games. There is also an area for kids amusement park where the kids be just a kid and play with `LIVE Snakes and Ladders, swing and slide and roll in roller coaster and go round in merry go round and just enjoy their childhood.

Daily Live Gazal Show
There is a live singer cum keyboard player Anthony from Goa who could sing Hindi, Gujarati and English Hit Songs alongwith Kawallis, Gazals, and almost all type of songs to entertain all class of public of all age group.

Rajasthani Terah Taal Dance
Rajasthani Tera Taal Dance is a ritual for Baba Ramdev. Here at Chouki Dhani, Thrah Taal Dance is performed with different type of dances like walking on broken glasses, dancing on sword, dancing with 7 "Matka" on head and many more. This dance is usually performed by three to four persons.

Kathputli Dance
Rajasthani Kathputli Dance the traditional puppet show is also known as Battis Putli ka Khel. This puppet show will take you to the ancient life of Rajasthan with the kings, the queens and the magicians alongwith horse, camel, etc. Not only the puppet show, here you would see the surprises by a tongue of a human being, like tongue shooting, etc.

Rajasthani Kathputli Dance performer would show you the Kachchi Ghodi Dance as per the special request made after showing the Puppet show as per his availability of dressings and artist.

Kachchi Ghodi Dance
Rajasthani Kathputli Dance performer would show you the Kachchi Ghodi Dance as per the special request made after showing the Puppet show as per his availability of dressings and artist.

Jaadu Ka Khel
Traditional magic of Jadugar Ganikhan will make you feel you have entered to a new world. He would be doing the magic at a distance of just 3-4 feet from you and you will not be able to find the tricks.

Rassi Ka Khel
A man walking on rope balancing him with a bamboo and showing you different shows will make you love to see the show.

There is a Cavender at Chouki Dhani who is usually found every evening walking on 15 feet high pair of sticks and greets all the guests arriving Chouki Dhani.

Traditional Potter
The Traditional Potter - traditionally known as "Kumbhar" would teach you to make clay vessels, which you could carry with you to show you nears and dears what you made at Chouki Dhani

Camel Ride and Ghoda Baggi Savari
Camel is known as the ship of dessert. Enjoy the famous camel ride only at Chouki Dhani. We are sure, you would enjoy. Those who do not want to sit on camel back, just enjoy the Tonga Savari, with a small horse and the cart. Even children love it very much. This ride was formerly made for the British People for their transportation from one place to another, but after that it had become the requirement for all people. These carts are now slowly reducing from our land.

Traditional Dress Photography
You could dress up here in the traditional way with the dresses available here and ask the photographer to click your picture alongwith the nice backdrop of Chouki Dhani buildings giving you a fair look of visited a traditional village where you had dressed as per the rituals and traditions.

Balloon Shooting | Dart Shooting | Bow and Arrow
Traditional shop where you can play all games that you have surely played in your childhood in fun fairs; like balloon shooting, dart shooting, Bow and Arrow, etc.

Traditional Bowling Alley
Everybody knows what is Bowling Alley. Here, at Chouki Dhani, we have created a very traditional way of playing bowling alley where the track is made of wooden sheet, you have to throw wooden ball, and the distance is just 20 feet. You and your family members would surely love to play this modern game in a traditional way.

Though the bioscope is defined in dictionaries as an early movie projector, in India it has been known as a wooden box, the interior of which has pictures that can be viewed through four circular holes. Bioscopewallah is, in his own inimitable way, not merely a purveyor of cheap entertainment but a teller of tales. It formed the meeting point for kids from all over the village and was a source of learning and fun.

Inflatable Air Jumping
No description is required for air jumping; it is and will remain the most favorite for all kids.

Jyotish Shastra
Jyotishi from Rajasthan would be waiting for you to tell you your fortune. We are sure; he would be telling you your correct past which will make you trust him for your future.

Mehndi vali bai
Just give ten minutes to this lady and she will draw a beautiful Mehndi on your hand that you will love.

Chai Ki Dukan
Traditionally created tea stall selling tea in the village manner with clay glasses after preparing tea on coal stove.

Pan Ki Dukan
Traditional Pan Stall with person seating on Otla and preparing Paan for you as per your requirement. He also keeps regular items that are required at the Paan Stalls.

Popcorn Stall
Village style stall that sells Popcorn, Sugarcane Candy, Kangroli Kava, Ice Gola, and many more items for all age group from children to senior citizens at one shop.

Rajasthani Matka Kulfi
Chouki Dhani is famous for its Kulfi which is prepared by a Chef of Marvad. There are many flavors available for Kulfi that is plain Malay Kulfi, Chocolate Kulfi, Kesar Pista Kulfi and many more.

Chana Chor
Dhani also have Chana Chor stall where the maker roams around the Rajasthani Village with Bamboo Stand and prepares Chana Chor in front of you as per your order and requirement.

Our Cottages

Our Cottages

Chouki Dhani provides the most spacious cottages as per the requirement of the guests. All the cottages are very well decorated & desig-ned as per the standards of a star category hotel....

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Our Restaurants

Our Cottages

Chouki Dhani offers the best of Kathiawadi and Rajasthani Cuisine in Dhani Restaurant and mouthwatering North Indian, Chinese and Contin- ental Cuisines in Madhuli Restaurant.

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